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Some Local Craft Breweries Across Michigan to Check Out

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Armand Jackson

Michigan is home to many well known breweries and beer towns that have become synonymous for their craft beers in the state and across the country. With hundreds of breweries to choose from it might be overwhelming to pick one that caters to the specific tastes of each beer connoisseur. To help, here is a list of a few locations across the state that are known for their craft beers. 

Right Brain Brewery, located at 225 E Sixteenth St, Traverse City prides itself in experimentation as it believes in “experimenting with unusual ingredients not typically used in the beer brewing process!” On their website they claim to utilize unusual materials like whole pig parts, asparagus, or real cherry pie, and not all new beers will turn out successful, but they prefer to push the boundaries of craft brewing.

At 235 Cesar E. Chavez Ave SW, Grand Rapids, is the brewery Founders Brewing Co. This brewery has been ranked in the top breweries in the world by Ratebeer.com for the last five years, and has several beers listed in the top 100 beers of the world on Beeradvocate.com. This is not surprising as they are located in Grand Rapids, which is celebrating 10 years as Beer City USA this year. 

Located at 14600 E Eleven Mile Rd, Warren is Dragonmead Microbrewery. This brewery is for those who want a more medieval atmosphere with their craft beers and wines. With an extensive list of beers ranging from American style, Scottish, Mexican, German, to even Norwegian style beers, there are plenty of options to choose from this microbrewery.

Bell’s Brewery is located in Kalamazoo at 355 E Kalamazoo Ave within the Eccentric Cafe and General Store. With a history dating back to the late 70s, Bell’s Brewery started as a homebrewing shop that has become a successful commercial brewery that was named the #1 Brewery in America by American Homebrewers Association members who also ranked Bell’s Two Hearted Ale as the #1 Beer in America.

There is Old Nation Brewing situated at 1500 W Grand River Ave, Williamston. This brewery prides themselves in sticking to timeless, classic, traditional beers that offer consistency instead of a “flavor of the month” approach that is present in many other breweries. 

This is only a handful of breweries in a state that has hundreds. The World Pursuit offers their own list of the best breweries in Michigan for craft beers and Pure Michigan showcases the best breweries in the Detroit metropolitan area in case none of the aforementioned ones piques your interest.