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Silver Beach Carousel Celebrates Founders Week with Themed Events


The Silver Beach Carousel’s Founders Week commenced on Monday, celebrating the establishment of the original Silver Beach Amusement Park in 1891. Running through Friday, this week-long event honors the rich history of the park, featuring memorabilia displays, including vintage bathing suits, historical photos, and two original carousel horses. Suz Schalon, president of the Silver Beach Carousel Society, emphasized the importance of remembering the park’s origins and its lasting impact on the community.

The Carousel House is decked out in a Wizard of Oz Emerald City theme for the summer. Throughout Founders Week, each day features unique activities paying homage to the park’s founders, Louis Wallace and Logan Drake. Highlights include Kiddies’ “Munchkins Day” on Tuesday with half-price carousel tokens and lollipop drawings, Emerald City Express Day on Wednesday with a miniature train display, and Defying Gravity Day on Thursday featuring sand sculpting by Janet Schrader. The festivities culminate on Friday with “Horse of a Different Color Day,” offering Skittles candies and a coloring contest for children. All week long, visitors can enjoy free corn hole games and photo opportunities with carousel figures, making it an event you won’t want to miss. For more details, visit the Silver Beach Carousel website or call 932-1141.