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Fire Department Urges Firework Safety Ahead of July 4th


As the Fourth of July approaches, the Dearborn Heights Fire Department is reminding residents about the importance of firework safety to prevent injuries and accidents. While hosting a private fireworks show can be exciting, it’s crucial to handle fireworks responsibly. Fire Battalion Chief Phil Hall emphasizes that only sober adults should manage fireworks, and they should avoid setting them off in areas where debris could land on neighboring properties or homes. The department notes an uptick in emergency calls during this season, often related to firework-related injuries.

To ensure safety, it’s advised to keep a bucket of water nearby to douse any malfunctioning fireworks and prevent fires. Firework sellers, like Exotic Fireworks co-partner Patrick Mifsud, also stress the importance of extinguishing fireworks properly to avoid accidents. Hall suggests attending professional community fireworks displays instead of conducting personal shows. Additionally, residents should familiarize themselves with local firework laws, which vary across the Detroit area, to avoid fines and ensure a safe celebration.